Software services

Since 1979, PDS Consultants has been delivering specialist software development and support services to high profile, global corporations. We specialise in one-off applications using single and cross-platform configurations operating within single and multi-discipline environments. We have significant experience in delivering solutions to the regulated marketplace.

PDS offers the following comprehensive range of software services :

These services, which have been developed on sound engineering principles, are made available either directly to PDS clients or indirectly, as a value added service, to the clients of PDS' business partners.

PDS is accredited to ISO 9001:2008, a certification it has held since 1996.

Overview of Services

PDS delivers comprehensive, end-to-end services which offer clients the certainty of a seamless 'cradle to grave' approach to the development, support and retirement of software applications and of their data. A clear understanding of the intrinsic value of information lies at the heart of the PDS service ethos. This is reflected in its Compliance Services offerings (see the PDS Compliance Services Overview document).

Project Management

Within the framework of the PDS Consultants quality management system (QMS), which is the basis on which the company is audited by the British Standards Institution (BSi), PDS applies best practice techniques to the delivery of its software-based services. A rigorous approach to the software development life cycle (SDLC) underpins its project management activities in keeping with the expectations of industry regulations which demand that business-critical systems are demonstrably under control. Industry-standard methodologies are used as the baseline for all project management activities.

Systems Analysis Services

A necessary precursor to embarking on the development of any software application is the need to select a solution which is appropriate to the costs, benefits and risks associated with the underlying business requirements. PDS takes a broad view of the requirements of the business as well as the objectives of the application to ensure that appropriate solutions are promoted. Through this business-based approach, and an overriding desire to maximise past investment, PDS has been instrumental in delivering highly cost-effective software applications to its clients which have consistently made significant budget savings.

Software Development Services

PDS understands the importance of controlling the software development life cycle and applies industry approved techniques for managing this process in order to deliver reliable and effective software applications. With its comprehensive computer develop-ment infrastructure, PDS is able to deliver a variety of application styles from standalone to thick client, thin client, client server and web-enabled. The use of relational database technology sits at the heart of many applications where the latent power of information is leveraged to its fullest effect.

Through computer systems validation (CSV) techniques (design qualification (DQ), installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) and performance qualifica-tion (PQ)), PDS guarantees to deliver solutions that are fit for purpose and will continue to operate reliably into the future.

Application Support Services

Except for prototypes and other 'proof of principle' software development projects, PDS offers a full support service, under service level agreement (SLA). PDS has an average client support retention time of greater than 10 years with a minimal annual fault rate. Average time to repair is consistently below two days and is routinely less that eight hours. All support activities are handled through the PDS incident management system and are subject to formalised change control. All activities fall within the scope of the PDS QMS (ISO 9001) system.

Service Delivery

PDS offers to undertake both fixed price and time & materials contracts as required. All client relationships are subject to contract management as determined by the PDS QMS framework. It is normal for stage payments to be made on reaching pre-defined project milestones. All software developments are delivered with warranty and, for non-proto-type applications, can be supported into the future under service level agreement (SLA).

Where these services are offered through a business partner, PDS operates as an agent of the business partner who will at all times maintain the client relationship. All billing will be between PDS and the business partner who will invoice its clients with whatever margins it considers to be appropriate.