Data Migration and System Decommissioning services

Ultimately all systems will reach their end of life when the need will arise for some, if not all, of the data gathered by them to be preserved (during the record retention period) in a format that is accessible without the need to maintain the originating equipment. PDS offers a data migration and system decommissioning (retirement) service to extract data from proprietary systems such that the originating system can be confidently taken out of service. In addition to creating specialist data extraction software applications, PDS is able to perform data extraction activities as a service to its clients.

PDS has developed a number of data extraction tools which can be deployed with minimal customisation. They are currently available for the following applications:

-   ClinAxys                    (Clinical Systems Ltd)

-   Datatox-F0                (Instem plc)

-   Reprotox                    (Scientific Software Systems Inc)

-   PathData                   (PDS Pathology Data Systems Ltd)

-   ReproData                 (PDS Pathology Data Systems Ltd)

-   ToxKin v3.5.1            (LogicaCMG)

Our suite of tools can be adapted to extract data from other systems,