Compliance services

Compliance services

Since 2002, PDS Consultants has been delivering specialist IT auditing, remediation and consulting services to high profile, global organisations. We specialise in identifying areas of regulatory non-compliance and in delivering unique solutions to mitigate the consequential risks to client businesses, primarily within the life sciences sector.

PDS offers the following comprehensive range of services which can assist clients at any level of capability to reach their compliance objectives:

  • IT Auditing Services
  • IT Remediation Services
  • IT Consulting Services

These services, which have been developed on the basis of detailed and practical insight into the use of Information Technology in the regulatory marketplace, are made available either directly to PDS clients or indirectly, as a value added service, to the clients of PDS' business partners.

PDS is accredited to ISO 9001:2008, a certification it has held since 1996.

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